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Table of Contents: year 2021

Year 2021 1

Electroplating of metals and alloys
Influence of the interelectrode distance and the ratio of the cathode and anode areas on the formation rate and properties of MAO coatings
P.I. Butyagin, A.V. Bolshanin, S.S. Arbuzova

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2021_29_1_4
Keywords: microarc oxidation, aluminum alloys, interelectrode distance, ratio of cathode and anode areas, formation rate of MAO coatings, composition of the coating

Environment and Resources Saving
Overview of studies on the human and environmental effects of galvanic production particles
I.A. Vakhnyuk, K.Yu. Kirichenko, K.S. Golokhvast, E.G. Shabalina

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2021_29_1_9
Keywords: galvanic production, suspended particles, toxicity, test objects

Operation of Chromate-Based Solutions without Dumping: Industrial Experience
S.S. Kruglikov, E.S. Kruglikova

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2021_29_1_32
Keywords: chromium, chromate-based solutions, electromembrane electrolysis, electrochemical processes, regeneration, plating industry

Regularities of decreasing the concentration of phenol, cyanides and thiocyanates by the combined electrochemical method from chloride-sulfate and ammonia solutions
T.A. Kharlamova, Yu.Yu. Atamanova

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2021_29_1_38
Keywords: phenol, cyanides, thiocyanates, electrolysis, oxidative destruction, electroflotocoagulation, monopolar electrolyzer, bulk anode

Year 2021 2

Corrosion and material protection
Research of electrochemical properties of zinc phosphatefilled coating based on sodium liquid glass
L.H. Kuan, K.N. Lin, M.W. Min, N.W. Chi, N.K. Quang, D.W. Kien

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2021_29_2_4
Keywords: electroflotation, wastewater treatment, copper, nickel, organic compositions, purifying liquid, penetrant, solvent, varnish

Electroplating of metals and alloys
Electrochemical modification of silver surface in chloride-containing solution
V.S. Belova, A.V. Balmasov

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2021_29_2_11
Keywords: electrochemical behavior of silver, electrode, potentiometry, chronopotentiometry, anodic treatment, electrochemical modification, silver

Electrodeposition of zinc-iron coatings from ammonium oxalate baths
R.F. Shekhanov, S.N. Gridchin

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2021_29_2_19
Keywords: Zn-Fe alloy, electrodeposition, corrosion resistance, protective coatings

Research of hybrid materials obtained using alternating asymmetric current for electrochemical power industry
A.V. Khramenkova, A.I. Izvarin, O.A. Finaeva, E.A. Yatsenko

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2021_29_2_34
Keywords: alternating asymmetric current, hybrid materials, metal oxides

ERA of Kudryavtsev
Ekaterina N. Budreyko

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2021_29_2_44
Keywords: Nikolay Tikhonovich Kudryavtsev, D.I. Mendeleev Moscow Chemical-Technological Institute, Department of Electrochemical Production Technology, scientific and pedagogical school, electroplating

Year 2021 3

Electroplating of metals and alloys
New electrolyte for the Electrodeposition of Nickel with Brightener
A.T. Barkova, A.N. Popov, V.A. Kolesnikov

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2021_29_3_4
Keywords: brightener, electrodeposition, nikel oatings, microelectronics, high speed electrolyte

Purification of electroplating effluents from heavy metal ions by sorption method
S.N. Gladkikh

Keywords: electroplating production, heavy metal ions, sorption, aluminosilicate adsorbent

On the possibility of forming superhydrophobic chromium coatings from Cr(III) solutions
I.G. Botryakova, A.V. Afanaseva, V.G. Glukhov, N.A. Polyakov

Keywords: chromium plating, composition coatings, superhydrophobic coatings

Environment and Resources Saving
Closed-loop Zinc Plating in Chloride-Based Solutions
Irina V. Odinokova, Elena S. Kruglikova, Daniil A. Fedulov

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2021_29_3_33
Keywords: zinc, chloride-based solutions, electromembrane electrolysis, electrochemical processes, regeneration, plating industry

Dr. Vladimir Kolesnikov passed away


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