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Table of Contents: year 2022

Year 2022 1

Electroplating of metals and alloys
MethylSulfonate Lead Plating Bath
K.N. Smirnov, S.S. Kruglikov, E.G. Shalimova, E.S. Kruglikova, L.S. Batalina

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2022_30_1_4
Keywords: lead plating, Methylsulfonate Plating Bath, fluoborate bath

Influence of taurine on the electrochemical behavior of silver in chloride-containing solutions
V.S. Belova, A.V. Balmasov

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2022_30_1_8
Keywords: electrochemical surface treatment, silver, electrode, silver chloride, taurine, cyclic polarization, electrode impedance

Electrodeposition of Chromium Composite Coatings with Improve Wear Resistance
E.G. Vinokurov, V.V. Kuznetsov, E.A. Filatova, R.V. Grafushin, E.V. Zheleznov

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2022_30_1_15
Keywords: composite coatings, chromium, electrodeposition, fracture toughness, microhardness, wear resistance

Environment and Resources Saving
Study of Capturing Characteristics of Modern Respirators Under Exposure to Aerosols Formed in Electroplating Shops
K.Yu. Kirichenko, A.S. Kholodov, I.A. Vakhnuk, V.P. Soparev, V.N. Volkova, K.S. Golokhvast

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2022_30_1_24
Keywords: industrial aerosols, atmospheric suspension, electroplating, nano- and micro particles, respirators

Year 2022 2

Electroplating of metals and alloys
Effect of Boron Content and Low-Temperature Annealing on the Structure State and Tribological Properties of Electrodeposited Ni-B Coatings
L.S. Tsybulskaya, S.S. Perevoznikov, V.S. Shendyukov, V.A. Kukareko

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2022_30_2_4
Keywords: electrodeposition, nickel-boron coating, morpholine-borane, structure, morphology, surface microrelief, annealing, microhardness, wear resistance, friction coefficient

Influence of the Nickel Plating Electrolyte Composition and Deposition Mode on the Functional Properties of Nickel-Boron Coatings
E.Yu. Ananyeva, V.V. Rogozhin, R.V. Taranets, M.G. Mikhalenko

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2022_30_2_15
Keywords: electrodeposition, nickel-boron coatings, heat resistance, solderability, weldability, contact resistance

Determination of electrochemically active surface and fractal properties of oxide electrodes by voltammetry
A.A. Trofimov, V.M. Rudoi, T.S. Trofimova, T.N. Ostanina

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2022_30_2_23
Keywords: fractal, oxygen evolution reaction, fractal scale, electrocatalysis, electrodeposition, cyclic voltammetry

Technology for Obtaining Sealing Abrasion Coatings by Electroless Deposition of Nickel on Boron Nitride Powder
M.A. Verten, E.S. Soboleva

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2022_30_2_44
Keywords: boron nitride, composite powders, nickel plating, cladding, erasable material, workable coating, metallization of powder materials

Electrodeposition of Nanosize Copper Columns for the Control of Heat Transfer in Heating Devices
T.V. Tsyganova, S.S. Kruglikov, E.S. Kruglikova, N.N. Barbotina, E.G. Vinokurov

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2022_30_2_53
Keywords: heat transfer, electrodeposition, nanosized columns

Year 2022 3

Electroplating of metals and alloys
On the role of biofilm microscopic fungi in the initiation and development of microbiological corrosion of metals
D.V. Belov, S.N. Belyaev

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2022_30_3_4
Keywords: microbiological corrosion, biocorrosion, micromycete corrosion, mycological corrosion, biofilm of microscopic fungi, micromycete biofilm, adhesion of microorganisms, metabolomics

Electroless gold plating in neutral hydrazine-citrate solution
A.N. Moskvichev, V.V. Rogozhin, A.A. Moskvichev

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2022_30_3_22
Keywords: gold, coatings, electroless, plating, solutions, mechanism and kineticss

Comparative Study of the Processes of Electrochemical Deposition of Gold From Cyanide and Sulphite-Thiosulphate Electrolytes
M.S. Vaisbekker, T.N. Ostanina, L.V. Loginova, T.P. Bekezina, Yu.V. Chichevskaya

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2022_30_3_35
Keywords: gold plating, cyanide electrolyte, sulphite-thiosulphate electrolyte, surface roughness of gold coatings, activation energy

Electrochemical Preparation of Hybrid Coatings Based on Cobalt Nickel Oxides and Chitosan and Investigation of their Functional Properties
A.V. Khramenkova, D.N. Izvarina, A.A. Shershakova, M.A. Kirilenko, O.Yu. Kuznetsov

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2022_30_3_57
Keywords: non-stationary electrolysis, chitosan, cobalt and nickel oxide compounds, antibacterial coatings

Measurements of the ohmic voltage drop by the current interruption method in the course of the electrodeposition of nickel in the pores of track membranes
V.V. Korotkov, S.S. Kruglikov, T.V. Tsyganova, E.G. Vinokurov

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2022_30_3_68
Keywords: current interruption method, ohmic voltage drop, IR compensation, electrode potential, track membranes, electrodeposition, potentiostat, IPC Pro L

Year 2022 4

Electroplating of metals and alloys
Selection of a monomer for creation of conductive coatings based on a series of substitute tetraphenylporphyrins
A.N. Kiselev, G.I. Matvienko, M.V. Tesakova, S.A. Syrbu, V.I. Parfenyuk

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2022_30_4_4
Keywords: porphyrins, polyporphyrin coatings, redox properties, electropolymerization, electrically conductive properties

Electrodeposition of nanocoatings involving iron triad metals
Fishgoit L.A., Fedorayev I.I., Knyazev A.V., Kasyanov F.V., Perkovskii E.A.

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2022_30_4_13
Keywords: electrodeposition, electroplating, alloys based on iron triad metals, metalloids, magnetic properties, corrosion properties, catalytic properties

Alternative treatments
Formation of functional metal oxide coatings by metal carboxylates pyrolysis
S.V. Stakhanova, N.V. Sviridenkova, E.I. Timchishina, A.A. Postnikov, A.F. Zhukov

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2022_30_4_29
Keywords: oxide coatings, functional coatings, metal oxide films, CSD method, electrode material, supercapacitor

Environment and Resources Saving
Evaluation of the effectiveness of the parameters of reagent-free electrolysis wastewater treatment from nitrogen-containing compounds
V.N. Shtepa, S.Yu. Kireev, A.V. Kozyr, A.B. Shikunets, L.V. Naumov, S.N. Kireeva

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2022_30_4_48
Keywords: stationary electrolysis, non-stationary electrolysis, reagentless technologies, aquaponics, water purification, nitrogen-containing compounds

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